PROMAX GOLD AWARD | 'Ace Ventura' | Sony Pictures Television
BEST DIRECTOR - COMEDY FILM | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Best Director Awards
BEST COMEDY, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Stranger Days Film Festival
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Show Low Film Festival
BEST EDITING AWARD | 'Cat Dexx: Inkosi' | Idyllwild Film Festival
BEST MOCKUMENTARY AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Portland Comedy Film Festival
SCREEN CRITIX | "I’d love to see more work by Scott Simerly Jr."
INDEPENDENT CRITIC | "Simerly has crafted a film with oodles of charm..."
UK FILM REVIEW | "The level of filmmaking here is glorious."
INDEPENDENT CRITIC | "Scott Simerly Jr.'s editing work here allows for the wonder of silence and for body language to mean as much as the spoken word."
SOUTH FLORIDA CARRIBEAN NEWS | "Award-winning editor Scottie Simerly Jr is now the attached editor for 'The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story.'"

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