PROMAX GOLD AWARD | 'Ace Ventura' | Sony Pictures Television
TELLY BRONZE AWARD | 'Civil Disobedience' | Runaway Productions
BEST DIRECTOR - COMEDY FILM | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Best Director Awards
BEST EDITING AWARD | 'Cat Dexx: Inkosi' | Idyllwild Film Festival
BEST COMEDY, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Stranger Days Film Festival
AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Show Low Film Festival
BEST MOCKUMENTARY AWARD | 'Alien Guy Tim' | Portland Comedy Film Festival
SCREEN CRITIX | "I’d love to see more work by Scott Simerly Jr."
INDEPENDENT CRITIC | "Simerly has crafted a film with oodles of charm..."
INDIE SHORTS MAG | "The editing (Scott Simerly Jr.) that keeps the film evenly paced becomes particularly impressive in the second half as flashbacks begin to break the linearity of the timeline."
UK FILM REVIEW | "The level of filmmaking here is glorious."
INDEPENDENT CRITIC | "Scott Simerly Jr.'s editing work here allows for the wonder of silence and for body language to mean as much as the spoken word."

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